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Gold and Silver

200 Serie 200 Serie (9 Colors)
The 200 Series has been developed for application on coated and uncoated paper and board. The 200 Series features large coverage on untreated paper and some bookbinding materials, such as balacron, baladek and fine cloth.
This foil is extremely suitable for foil stamping and embossing in 1 pass and suitable for lacquered or varnished materials.

300 Serie 300 Serie (7 Colors)
The 300 Series has been developed for high speed printing and is suitable for various types of paper, as well as printed and lacquered substrates.
The 300 Series offers high definition, high scratch resistance and dust free printing. The 300 Series can be stamped at high printing temperatures, without loss of gloss level.

500 Serie 500 Serie (3 Colors)
Besides general graphic printing applications on many printed and unprinted substrates, the 500 Series is suitable for hot stamping onto laminates, such as OPP laminate. The 500 Series can be stamped at high printing temperatures, without loss of gloss level. Because the 500 Series is not prone to crease, this foil is highly suitable for cylinder presses.

TS TS (2 Colors)
TS is Pack Vision’s top quality foil. TS offers results where other foils have already given up. TS is THE foil for difficult substrates, UV-lacquers and laminates.
TS rightly deserves the title of Trouble Shooter. TS may not be the cheapest foil, but is definitely the foil that offers you solutions. The TS offers high definition, a wide temperature range and a high gloss level.