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Nowadays besides digital presses there are digital enhancement presses
with inline foil stations on the market which makes it possible to use
foil for printing short to medium runs. In this digital enhancement process
no molds and dies are used and set up times are significantly reduced.
These innovations open doors for many printing companies, who see new opportunities and in-house production becomes a realistic option resulting in a considerable reduction in costs and increases flexibility.

Digital-foil MGI ifoil machine

Also personalization in foil of large quantities are possible. Wouldn't it be great to receive an invitation with your name on it, printed in gold? Sure the receiver will be impressed!

Digital foils for MGI iFoil and Scodix machines
Based on our long experience in the foil industry we have developed special digital foils. These digital foils have been thoroughly tested on Scodix and MGI iFoil machines and produced splendid results.

Foil in a variety of colours and for different applications
We offer the right foil for every jobl.. And you can make a selection from our wide range of colours.

Are you interested in how we can make your printwork looks better and leverage your profitability? Please contact us right now. We are very willing to visit you and give you the best advice.

Digital-foil MGI machine