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Cold foil Cold foil (2 Subcategorys)

Digital-foil Digital-foil (0 Colors)

Foils for plastics Foils for plastics (2 Subcategorys)

Holographic Foils Holographic Foils (3 Subcategorys)

Hot stamping machines Hot stamping machines (0 Colors)

License plate License plate (2 Subcategorys)

Metallic Foils Metallic Foils (2 Subcategorys)

Pearl Foils Pearl Foils (6 Colors)
Foil with a high gloss, pearlescent finish, available in a wide colour range.

Pharmaceutical Foil Pharmaceutical Foil (0 Colors)
Suitable for printing onto PVC and non-PVC bloodbags and IV-bags. The foil is temperature resistance and widhtstands steralisation. Alcohol resistant and high-scratch resistance.

The foil is approved by the large pharmaceutical companies.

The foil is available in black, white, blue, red, green, orange and brown.

Pigment Foils Pigment Foils (3 Subcategorys)

Special effects en specialty Foils Special effects en specialty Foils (9 Colors)
Pack Vision offers a large range of special effect foils, such as multocolour foils, brushed gold and silver, marble, granit and wood designs. We can also offer you a large range of specialty films, such as scratch-off foils, washable foils, high gloss transparent foils. Haven't you found what you are looking for? Please contact Pack Vision!

Thermo Transfer Foils Thermo Transfer Foils (0 Colors)
Thermal transfer is a quick, clean and reliable method for digitally controlled printing of barcodes and any other possible monocolour images.

Thermal transfer can be used for many applications, such as the label industry (graphic) and the packaging industry (coding applications, sell-by dates, barcodes, etc.)

Pack Vision can offer a complete range of thermal transfer ribbons, for many types of printers and in many qualities (wax, wax/resin, resin, etc.).

Please contact us for more information!